GTC 2022 Spring Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang kicks off #GTC22 with a keynote that presents the latest breakthroughs in #AI, data science, high performance computing, graphics, edge computing, networking, and autonomous machines.

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00:00 Fly-Through NVIDIA’s Campus
02:02 I AM AI
05:24 The Dynamics Shaping Our Industry
09:13 Climate Science and FourCastNet
12:52 NVIDIA AI Suite of Libraries
27:02 NVIDIA H100, Hopper and Grace
44:58 Million X Speedups
51:04 Omniverse Digital Twins
1:03:19 NVIDIA Robotic Platforms: DRIVE, Clara Holoscan, Isaac
1:31:21 Summary
1:37:50 Closing Video

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